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AbyU is an initiative of 2 East Groningen companies: Afeer and DesignByU. AbyU makes and supplies personal protective equipment and clothing for SMEs and consumers. You do not only work and live safely and healthily for yourself, but also for your colleagues and loved ones.

AbyU is a collaboration that originated in a special time and responds to the changing world. Afeer knows how to work and DesignByU is the expert for (work) clothing. Together, we ensure that through our protective equipment and clothing, people can work and live safely and healthily.

The drive of both parties to make a more positive contribution to the working and living climate of Oost-Groningen in a social way has resulted in this beautiful public-private partnership.


Afeer is the social participation company of the municipalities of Oldambt, Pekela and Westerwolde.
Residents who find it difficult or impossible to find their own way to work can turn to Afeer.
Afeer employs 900 people with a work-limiting disability every day and helps 1500 job-seekers find a paid job with vocational training and pathways.
Through collaboration with DesignByU we create work and training programs for these people.


DesignByU is an international company based in East Groningen that designs and produces clothing concepts for companies.

From our own clothing workshops in Europe and with regular reputable suppliers all over the world, DesignByU provides high quality clothing that is not only functional, but also attractive, comfortable and durable.
The cooperation with Afeer fits the social responsibility of DesignByU because of the involvement in the region.

Protective products

AbyU starts with a collection of personal protective equipment. This collection includes various mouth masks, hospitality displays and gloves made of nitrile, latex and vinyl.
The protective products arrive in bulk and are processed in Blijham, by Afeer employees, into the end products listed on the webshop. This makes it possible to customize products and, for example, to provide them with their own logo sticker or label.


In addition to protective products, AbyU is soon expanding its range with a beautiful collection of basic (work) clothing.

Characteristic of the clothing is that it is of high quality, ecological and the emphasis is certainly also on comfort.
AbyU uses ecological materials for the clothing and ensures that all products are produced in a socially responsible manner.
Among other things, the clothing is made in our own clothing workshop in Turkey. In addition, we know our suppliers and therefore have control over the entire process.

In the Netherlands we finish the clothing with your own brand label, company logo and / or unique print or embroidery.

This working method makes AbyU interesting, especially for smaller quantities, without compromising on comfort and quality.

AbyU’s collection has been put together with the greatest care and attention in the most sustainable way possible.

Why AbyU?

  • East Groningen public-private partnership
  • Socially responsible
  • Possibility for private label, interesting for small quantities!

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